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How TV Shows Get Away With Humiliating Women For Entertainment

Samantha Armytage 'faced her fear' of being covered in cockroaches on Sunrise. Photo: Channel 7 High above the Dubai skyline, a plane taking an aerial tour of the city begins to thrash and spin. The passengers inside are at first perplexed, and then begin to scream. As the plane further loses control, the [...]

Parents Are Having Much Farther Reaching Effects Than They Know

We were pretty good at keeping computers and televisions out of bedrooms, but as technology developed we somehow missed that phones and tablets ARE computers. One of the main conversations I have with parents is about their exhaustion at parenting with so many devices in the home. Parents feel out of control. At my seminars [...]

The one week TV ban

This time a few weeks ago, give or take a few hours, I was standing dripping wet in the lounge room, looking at my kids in total disbelief. Seconds into my shower they had decided to battle it out, and I had to come back in to negotiate calm. As I stood there with conditioner [...]

Impacts of media violence: jury no longer out | Melinda Tankard Reist

FOR a long time it was said the ‘‘jury was out’’ on the impact of media violence. Not any more. A special commission set up by the International Society for Research on Aggression comprising 12 international authors and endorsed by 250 of the world’s leading researchers has concluded that exposure to a range of violent [...]

Facebook Study Explains Why We Still Spend So Many Hours Stalking Each Other

Researchers Daniel Hunt, Archana Krishnan, and David Atkin found that, “The entertainment motive was shown to be the most powerful predictor of how much time participants spent on Facebook,” per WebProNews. In basic terms, this means that during the study, Facebook was most often used when subjects were bored, opposed to connecting with individuals to [...]

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