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TV Advertisers Should Have Mental Health Duty of Care

Broadcast advertisers should be subject to a new duty of care to protect young people’s mental health, NHS leaders have said. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is being urged to clamp down on advertisements which fuel body insecurity among teenagers. Senior health officials are demanding a meeting with the organisation’s chief executive to discuss concerns that too [...]

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Industry And Community Unite To Rally Behind Kids TV

The Australian screen production industry and key community groups have united to save Australian children’s content. Commercial television broadcasters have revealed in submissions to a parliamentary inquiry that they want their obligations to screen Australian children’s content abolished by the Government. Representatives from the children’s TV industry and audience have rallied together in an awareness [...]

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Exposing Kids to Booze: 26,000 Ads a Year Would you support a change that would instantly halve children’s exposure to televised alcohol ads? New research has found that by simply changing a couple of regulations so that alcohol advertising was not allowed during sport broadcasts, and not before 9.30pm, it would halve young people’s exposure. Did you know that many [...]

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Parents Are Having Much Farther Reaching Effects Than They Know

We were pretty good at keeping computers and televisions out of bedrooms, but as technology developed we somehow missed that phones and tablets ARE computers. One of the main conversations I have with parents is about their exhaustion at parenting with so many devices in the home. Parents feel out of control. At my seminars [...]

The one week TV ban

This time a few weeks ago, give or take a few hours, I was standing dripping wet in the lounge room, looking at my kids in total disbelief. Seconds into my shower they had decided to battle it out, and I had to come back in to negotiate calm. As I stood there with conditioner [...]

Tom Waterhouse….training our kids to gamble

What are the kids then? Collateral damage? Whether or not the kids are specifically "targeted" by your company is hardly the point? The point is that they ARE hit, regardless. The point is that while the government has the brains to have a ban on gambling advertising on programs children are likely to be watching, [...]

TV watching linked to bad behaviour

Children and adolescents who watch a lot of television are more likely to become involved in antisocial and criminal behaviour as adults, a University of Otago study indicates. One of the study co-authors, Associate Prof Bob Hancox, said the research showed the issue of excessive television watching needed to be ''taken seriously''. Researchers found the [...]

13.5% of commercials on Kids TV are inappropriate

13.5% of commercials on kids TV channels contain some form of violent, disturbing, or sexual behaviour. A recent study Commercials on Children's Television: Not So Child Friendly looked at the association between viewing commercials with aggressive and violent content on children's television with violent and antisocial behaviour later in life. Researchers looked at the content of [...]

Government report to ban TV for young children

A government report to be released next week will recommend children under the age of two not watch any television and children from two to five years of age be limited to one hour of television a day. "Based on recent research, it is recommended that children younger than two years of age should not [...]

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