Media Violence – Busting the Myths!, Istockphoto The American Psychological Association has just released a review of the research on the impact of playing violent video games. Contrary to what the mass media, the gaming industry and many gamers would have us believe, the jury is still not out on whether ongoing exposure to violent video games poses [...]

What’s the point of running an education campaign?

Some commentators have suggested that mass media campaigns are more likely to be effective when they are: - well-resourced and enduring - target a clearly defined audience - are based on advanced marketing strategies that effectively target, communicate with, and have relevance for, and credibility with, the audience - provide a credible message to which [...]

Win for real women as air brushed images of celebrities are banned

Finally the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has realised that advertising agencies who intentionally re-touch and alter images are sending the wrong message to young women. In this case the ASA has banned a series of Maybelline and Lancôme adverts (who are owned by  L'Oreal) featuring Hollywood celebrity Julia Roberts and supermodel Christy [...]

Teenagers take note of media reports and steer clear of drugs

Mass Media (television, radio, print and online) reports about illicit drugs do have an impact on teenagers. However, most young people are more concerned with the damage drugs cause to their health and mental wellbeing rather than the legal implications of drug use. This is the findings of a new Australian study Media Reporting on [...]