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Teen Alcohol Use

Are teens really out of control? Despite what the media might tell us, it appears that our teens may not be as out-of-control as some of us believe - or at least not in the ways we think they are. Try Googling “teens out of control.” At the time of writing that search query returned [...]

Help With Teen Alcohol Use

Last week an article on the Generation Next Blog discussed how schools are struggling to deal with the perceived rise in teenage “binge drinking.”   Having been a high school teacher my whole professional life I have seen first hand how schools are expected to take an increasing responsibility in teaching students about these kids [...]

Can We Prevent Alcohol Related Violence

Alcohol-related violence: Can it be prevented? Paul Dillon – Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA)   With yet another teenager in a critical condition in hospital in NSW after being 'king-hit' (that so shouldn't be how we describe this violent act) in Kings Cross, the community is yet again debating what should be [...]

Tips on how to talk to kids about drugs

Paul Dillon, author of "Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs"and Generation Next speaker says that in today's society children are introduced to drugs from an early age; if they have a cough we give then ‘medicine’ for it. So there is no reason why we can’t introduce the idea of drugs at an early age and build [...]

Tips on how to say ‘no’ to the pressure of taking drugs

Paul Dillon, author of Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs and Generation Next speaker says “There are so many questions that need answers, but how do parents start talking to their kids about alcohol and drugs? Asking Are you taking drugs?' won't do it, that approach won't give teenagers the information they desperately need to keep themselves [...]

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Misuse of over the counter drugs by young people

See the latest interview with Paul Dillon, Drug and Alcohol Expert, talking about the Misuse of Over the Counter Drugs by Young People. Misues of over the counter drugs by young people. Simple analgesic medications that are available without prescription are being misused. An interview with Paul Dillon, Drug and Alcohol Expert. Interviewer, Dr Ramesh Manocha, Generation [...]

Top tips to help you communicate more effectively with young people about drugs

Alcohol, cannabis and tobacco are the 3 most commonly used drugs by teenagers.* The teenage years are a time of experimenting and trying new things, this can be on the sports field, a new interest or more risky behaviour. This can lead to some young people trying illicit drugs. Their reasons are many including peer [...]

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Perth Seminar: Mental Health & Wellbeing of Young People 2011

Mental Health & Wellbeing of Young People 2011. For Education, Health and Welfare Professionals. PERTH ALL SPEAKERS WILL DELIVER THEIR PRESENTATIONS LIVE AND IN PERSON AT THE VENUE! Australia’s leading experts will be in Perth to present to you in person, authoritative and up-to-date information on current issues surrounding young people today! Please advise your [...]

Free Seminar: Generation Next – Public Parenting Seminar

This is a free seminar that is open to the public, especially parents and care givers. Seats are limited. You must register and have a ticket to gain entry. Where: St Mary’s College, Mary Street, Woodend, Ipswich QLD When: Sunday 22 May 2011 HOW TO GET A TICKET Phone The Base Youth Agency on 07 3818 [...]

The rise and fall of underage drinkers

25% of 14 to 19 year olds put themselves at risk of alcohol related harm each month 70% of 14 to 19 year olds drink alcohol despite being underage* The NSW Ambulance Service has figures indicating that 3 children a day in NSW get so drunk that they need the services of an ambulance. The under-18s treated [...]

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