Last week an article on the Generation Next Blog discussed how schools are struggling to deal with the perceived rise in teenage “binge drinking.”


Having been a high school teacher my whole professional life I have seen first hand how schools are expected to take an increasing responsibility in teaching students about these kids of things.


What was once the realm of parents, are now seemingly becoming the territory of schools. I understand why of course, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that everyone seems to be struggling with this one.


Whether it’s government enforcing lockouts, schools teaching alcohol awareness programs or parents allowing their teens “one or two” drinks, everyone is doing what they think is best in this area.


I’m certainly no expert in this area, but I know someone who is!


Paul Dillon is a regular speaker at the Generation Next Seminars, and the first time I heard him speak a few years ago I was blown away by his authenticity in the area of drug and alcohol education.


So much so that when he came to my former school to speak to our students, staff and parents, I sat in on every session.


You may not be able to get to a Generation Next Seminar this year to hear Paul in person, but if you’re a parent, teacher, social worker, or anyone with an interest in kids keeping safe, I’d highly recommend you check out his two blogs: and


Author: Dan Haesler is a teacher, consultant and speaker at the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Young People seminars. His website is: and he tweets at @danhaesler