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The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women

Have you ever been harassed in the street? Received a crass message on a dating app? Had a coworker make a comment about your appearance that just didn’t sit right? You’re not alone. With the #MeToo movement, it’s easy to log onto Twitter or Facebook and see just how many women are victims of sexual [...]

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One story of the impact of accidental exposure to extreme porn

Children have always found ways to discover the world on their own, and that's essential - it's important that adults don't interfere with that discovery and self-education. But it's our adult world that is increasingly seeping into their childhood, at the touch of a button. And when the mark of fitting in with your mates [...]

How to help teens with computer game addiction

90% of children play computer games. 10% of them are addicted. The dangers of computers games have been in the news again recently with the death of a teenager in Taiwan after playing for 40 hours straight without refreshments or leaving the computer. Internet computer games have and addictive dimension to them that some young [...]

Top tips for schools to combat cyber bullying

65% of year 4 students experienced covert bullying It seems ironic that a young student in the USA, Jessica Barba, was recently suspended for highlighting the dangers and traumas that many students struggle with when they become the targets of cyber bullying. What started out as a school assignment ended up as an online anti-bullying [...]

Helping young people with mental health issues use social media safely

27% of 18 to 24 year olds suffer mental health issues* The transition of young people into adults is no doubt an awkward phase for most teenagers. It is a time when they are most vulnerable to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and addictions. Their understanding of these states of being [...]

Internet overuse and addiction – warning signs, prevention and detection

For many young players it is the ‘fantasy world’ of the game that attracts them and it is this that they become addicted to; they would rather live in a world of online games than participate in the real world around them. This is especially true of RPG’s (role playing games) where the player morphs [...]

10 Resources to help kids who are bullied

In Australia one in six children are bullied at school each week. 90% of school children report witnessing others being bullied at school. Teachers rarely see bullying, and are often not told of what has happened. Produced by Wired Safety. Ken Rigby, author, research professor and a leading educational expert based at the University of [...]

Great new cyber safety resources

Safer Internet Day: Tuesday 7 February 2012. The theme for the day is ‘Connecting generations and educating each other.’ Check out the Cybersmart / ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority) website for informative and fun resources that will get everyone from grandparents to teachers talking about the online world.  There is a special section on [...]

Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety – Report

The Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety tabled its report on the Inquiry into Cyber-Safety entitled High-Wire Act: Cyber-Safety and the Young via Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety - Report.

Sexting in the USA- New Survey Results

 The Crimes Against Children Research Center conducted two national surveys to develop a better understanding of sexting. The Third Youth Internet Safety Survey was a telephone survey done in 2010 with national sample of 1560 youth Internet users aged  10–17 years and their parents.  Almost 10% of youth (mostly girls aged 16–17 years) said they had "appeared [...]

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