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Suicide Twice as Likely in Victims of Cyberbullying

Children and young people under 25 who are victims of cyberbullying are more than twice as likely to self-harm and enact suicidal behavior, according to a new study. The research also suggests that it is not just the victims of cyberbullying that are more vulnerable to suicidal behaviours, but the perpetrators themselves are at higher [...]

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Teacher’s Warning to Parents

"Your kids are living in a world that you are not invited to be part of. And they know how to keep you out." That's the stark warning one teacher has issued to parents about their teens' use of social media, urging them to "wake up". Skipper Coates, from Pleasant Grove, Utah, asked her 14 [...]

Raise Digital Age of Consent to 16, Say Experts

Cybersecurity experts have recommended that the government increase the digital age of consent from 13 to 16 because of safety risks for children. They were “unequivocally” opposed to the Irish government’s position where children can sign legal agreements with online service providers at 13 and have their personal information sold on to third parties. An [...]

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Kindergarten Kids to Get Cyber Safety Training

Children as young as four will now be trained in cybersecurity due to concerns they are at risk of being targeted online by child sex offenders. The Federal Government has announced the ThinkUKnow cybersafety program will be extended to children in kindergarten and years one and two. The program, aimed at parents, teachers and until [...]

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Positive Sex Education Vs Online Porn!

Who is teaching young people about sex and relationships in the digital era?   Issue Today, pornography’s influence is everywhere.  Porn influences mainstream advertising, music videos, fashion and popular culture.  Australian children are growing up in a digital world dominated by sexualised imagery that reinforces inequity and the notion that women are objects to be controlled, managed and dominated.             Use of pornography in [...]

10 Resources to help kids who are bullied

In Australia one in six children are bullied at school each week. 90% of school children report witnessing others being bullied at school. Teachers rarely see bullying, and are often not told of what has happened. Produced by Wired Safety. Ken Rigby, author, research professor and a leading educational expert based at the University of [...]

Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety – Report

The Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety tabled its report on the Inquiry into Cyber-Safety entitled High-Wire Act: Cyber-Safety and the Young via Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety - Report.

Sexting in the USA- New Survey Results

 The Crimes Against Children Research Center conducted two national surveys to develop a better understanding of sexting. The Third Youth Internet Safety Survey was a telephone survey done in 2010 with national sample of 1560 youth Internet users aged  10–17 years and their parents.  Almost 10% of youth (mostly girls aged 16–17 years) said they had "appeared [...]

Back to school: how to handle bullying

50% of Victorian school children experience bullying online or at school* The summer holidays are nearly over and many young people are starting to prepare for the new school year and a return to studies, but for some it also means facing the prospect of dealing with more bullying both in the school yard and [...]

Register now for Safer Internet Day: 7 February 2012

2 free online and interactive programs for your students to participate in. Put this in your school diary now ready for 2012: Safer Internet Day 2012 Tuesday 7 February 2012 Safer Internet day (SID) is an annual international event organised by Insafe. The success of the 2011 event included the participation of 73 countries with [...]

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