2 free online and interactive programs for your students to participate in.

Put this in your school diary now ready for 2012:
Safer Internet Day 2012
Tuesday 7 February 2012

Safer Internet day (SID) is an annual international event organised by Insafe. The success of the 2011 event included the participation of 73 countries with over 87,000 visits to the saferinternet.org website on the day. This resulted in 2.5 million hits on Google News.

In 2012 the theme is:

‘Connecting generations and educating each other’

and the slogan is:

‘Discover the digital World together…safely!’

To mark Safer Internet Day (SID) 2012, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has developed a Cybersmart program which is available to all Australian schools, giving them the opportunity to participate in two nationwide activities – Cybersmart Hero and Cybersmart Networking.

Both the one-hour activities offered by the ACMA are designed for upper primary or early secondary school students, aged 11 to 13 years.

Cybersmart Hero teaches students how to deal with cyberbullying and where they can get help.
Cybersmart Networking focuses on the potential risks associated with online social networking and what they can do if their online activities result in real life consequences.

Police, teachers and online safety experts from around Australia will lend their time and experience to the activity to help communicate cybersafety messages to participating students.

In keeping with the Safer Internet Day theme “Connecting generations and educating each other”, schools are encouraged to invite parents and grandparents to participate in the activity together with students. Please ask Cybersmart Programs staff how this can work.

Register your school now to be part of the ACMS’s Cybersmart Hero and Cybersmart Networking programs on Tuesday 7 February 2012 by contacting the Cybersmart Programs section on 1300 669 024 or [email protected]

If you’re a school, you can also register your interest in being involved in Safer Internet Day 2012 on the SID website at Saferinternetday

Registered schools will receive a SID kit in January 2012 including information about SID, promotional materials, suggested learning and awareness activities, and eSafety resources.

Writer Helen Splarn. Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha.
Source: Cybersmart. Safety Internet Day (SID).  ACMA