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“I walked in on my daughter self-harming at 14. I wish I had these books to help me then.”

We're pleased to announce that Generation Next have been featured in an article in Mamamia! Here is what Mandy Nolan had to say about us and our Generation Next handbooks: When my daughter was 14 I walked in on her cutting herself. I freaked out. I screamed “What are you doing? Stop that now! Are you [...]

Generation Next Mental Health And Wellbeing Of Young People Student Program

Shutterstock “Overall I found the day super informative to the point where I believe this course should be compulsory for the senior grades as it truly is a beneficial program.” (Year 12 student, live event) “The agenda hit the nail on the head, deals with the issues that are relevant and our school is [...]

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Even Happiness Has a Downside

The United Nations hosted a "High Level Meeting on Happiness and Well-being" in New York this week. The confab's point was that judging the success of societies solely by material measures such as Gross National Product fails to capture everything that goes into a life well-lived. True enough, but I do wonder how accurate a [...]

Helping Kids Online

Whose job is it to teach children about cyber-safety, online behaviour or digital citizenship? Parents seem to be waiting for schools to take the lead, whilst this is another area schools believe that parents have dropped the ball, and unfairly they’ll say, need to find time and resources to fit this into an already jam-packed [...]

Is The Science Of Brain Imaging Overrated?

Hardly a week passes without some sensational news about brain scans unleashing yet another secret of our cognitive faculties. Very recently I stumbled upon the news that according to recent research neuroscientists can tell, depending on your brain responses, whether you and your significant one will still be together in a few years: “You might hide it from [...]

What’s Behind Bieber Fever? Neuroscience Offers Explanation

The symptoms include uncontrollable screaming, swooning and spending hours on Twitter and Facebook. It primarily affects preteen and teen girls, yet it is highly contagious and can infect mothers, too. In severe cases, sufferers camp out on sidewalks for days. "The appeal for me is, of course, that he's beautiful," said 15-year-old Emma Reeves of [...]

More Time In The Womb May Lead To Better Grades In School

New study reveals that babies born earlier tend to do more poorly in school when compared to their later-born counterparts. The new research shows that infants could benefit from that extra time spent in the womb, and that more time spent in utero can lead to increased brain development. The difference was true even of [...]

Secret of a man’s happiness: do the dishes for a quiet life

A study of men across seven countries found that those who shouldered a bigger share of domestic responsibilities had a better sense of wellbeing and enjoyed a better work-life balance. But experts suggested that, while this may be partly because they felt lessguilty, the main reason could be that they had simply learnt the secret [...]

More On Positive Psychology

I’ve never received such a response to a Generation Next article like the one I received to last week’s column, 3 Common Myths About Positive Psychology.   I was overwhelmed by the amount of emails I got, the majority of which were saying, “I’ve heard of positive psychology, but where can I find out more?” So [...]

Reading a novel triggers lasting changes in the brain

Lovers of literature can rejoice: a new study combines the humanities and neuroscience to take a look at what effects reading a novel can have on the brain. Researchers say exploring a book can not only change your perspective, but also it can change your mind - at least for a few days. via Reading [...]

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