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The Legal Duty of Care around Online Issues

My Problem, Your Problem, Our Problem. Let’s face it; the Internet is here to stay as are all the associated devices that provide us with instant connectivity 24/7. Whilst there are numerous benefits that come with technology use, there are also many things that can go wrong. Often a young person’s technical skill far outweighs their cognitive development, which means that they are [...]

Cyberbystanders: Most Don’t Try to Stop Online Bullies

In a new study, 221 college students participated in an online chat room in which they watched a fellow student get "bullied" right before their eyes. Only 10 percent of the students who noticed the abuse directly intervened, either by confronting the bully online or helping the victim. - The Ohio State University via Cyberbystanders: Most don't [...]

Digital Rights Of A Child

What are the rights of the child in the digital space? Just mention the phrase, “Kids Online” and immediately the subject shifts to today’s generation of teens seemingly fused with their phone, gaming console and the net. Experts lament the loss of privacy, while others warn of terrible consequences of spending so much time online. [...]

Helping Kids Online

Whose job is it to teach children about cyber-safety, online behaviour or digital citizenship? Parents seem to be waiting for schools to take the lead, whilst this is another area schools believe that parents have dropped the ball, and unfairly they’ll say, need to find time and resources to fit this into an already jam-packed [...]

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