Australia’s Revenge Porn Explosion: Scourge Affects One In Five Australians

REVENGE porn has more than doubled over the past two years and now affects more than one in every five Australians, with teens and people who share “sexual selfies” at greatest risk of becoming victims. The most comprehensive research into the insidious trend, to be released by RMIT University on Monday, also found men and [...]

Sexting Becoming ‘the Norm’ for Teens, Warn Child Protection Experts

Teenagers at a college in Burnley at a workshop warning about the dangers of sexting. Photograph: Jon Super for the Guardian Sexting – the sending and receiving of nude pictures and sexually explicit text messages – is increasingly becoming normal among teenagers, who often don’t realise they may be acting illegally and could [...]

High School Sexting Scandal Shines Light on Ghost Apps that Keep Nude Photos Hidden

Students were caught doing what many say is happening everywhere. Photo: Glen Mccurtayne When students were caught participating in an illicit photo ring that was operating out of Cañon City High School in Colorado, parents and school officials there were quick to say that kind of thing was surely happening everywhere. They're not exactly wrong. The [...]

Your Brain on Porn and Other Sexual Images 

dailymail A recent neurology study found that the more porn a man watched, the less gray matter he had in his brain. The study made headlines the world over, prompting an anonymous listener to ask whether such sexual stimulation is indeed bad for the brain. So just what is the effect of sexual [...]

Fifty Percent of Teens Sext by Mobile Phone

One in two teenage boys and girls have used a mobile phone to send a sexually explicit image of themselves, according to the biggest sexting survey undertaken in Australia.​Teenage girls are using their mobiles to send sexual images of themselves because they think it's fun and sexy, rather than because they feel pressured by boys, the new research from [...]

The Legal Duty of Care around Online Issues

My Problem, Your Problem, Our Problem. Let’s face it; the Internet is here to stay as are all the associated devices that provide us with instant connectivity 24/7. Whilst there are numerous benefits that come with technology use, there are also many things that can go wrong. Often a young person’s technical skill far outweighs their cognitive development, which means that they are [...]