Police Probe Pornography Ring At Melbourne Elite Private School St Michael’s

Flikr Images Police are investigating a pornography ring at a Melbourne private school which involved boys sharing explicit images of young naked girls. A 16-year-old male student at St Michael's Grammar School is believed to have created a Dropbox folder which contained photos of several girls from the St Kilda school. The folder was accessed [...]

High School Sexting Scandal Shines Light on Ghost Apps that Keep Nude Photos Hidden

Students were caught doing what many say is happening everywhere. Photo: Glen Mccurtayne When students were caught participating in an illicit photo ring that was operating out of Cañon City High School in Colorado, parents and school officials there were quick to say that kind of thing was surely happening everywhere. They're not exactly wrong. The [...]

What is the “Dark Net” and “Tor”?

Sites that are blocked by most internet service providers, including those peddling hard-core child pornography, are accessible using Tor and available to browse following some simple steps that are well within the grasp of most computer users. - Jake Wallis Simons via US Navy-created 'dark network' lets users buy drugs and child porn and get away [...]

Napthine Government To Introduce Sexting Laws

People who send or threaten to distribute explicit images without consent could soon be charged, with the Napthine government introducing Australia's first “sexting” offences into Parliament this week. The new laws, which will be introduced into Parliament on Thursday, will ensure that young people who receive or send raunchy but non-exploitative sexts are spared from [...]

UK urges Google, Yahoo to act on child pornography

British Prime Minister David Cameron challenged the internet search engine providers Google, Yahoo and Bing on Sunday to block images of child abuse, calling for more action against online pornography. via UK urges Google, Yahoo to act on child pornography.

Children sexting charges rise in Queensland

Police charged 240 Queensland children, aged between 10 and 17, for producing and distributing child pornography in first five months of 2013, official figures reveal. The data, obtained by Fairfax Media, shows the number of youths charged so far this year accounts for nearly 40 per cent of all youths charged since 2009, indicating steep [...]

Google Unleashes New Weapon And Millions of Dollars To Fight Child Porn

Finally the question of child pornography on the Internet is gaining some real traction and Google, with its huge investment, is to be congratulated for helping to bring that about. via Google Unleashes New Weapon And Millions of Dollars To Fight Child Porn - Forbes.

The Young People and Sexting in Australia study

While the age of consent to sexual activity is 16 in NSW, naked or semi-naked pictures of those under the age of 18 can be defined legally as child pornography, even when those who produce the images are also under the age of 18. Legal cases in Australia and overseas have highlighted the risks to [...]

Child porn bust includes teacher

14 million internet searches for “teen sex” in 2006 6 million internet searches for “teen porn” in 2006* It seems that not even schools are a safe haven for children anymore. Even here, where the guardians of our community are supposed to look after our children, protect their innocence and develop their young minds, they [...]

Cartoon Porn: new Nintendo game only gets PG rating in Australia

Can cartoon characters depicted in a sexualised way be considered porn? The answer is Yes; if 3 of the female characters are under 18 years of age, well endowed, provocatively dressed and the game allows players to look up their skirts and dresses. Other countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway have already pulled the Nintendo [...]