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Child Exploitation: Live Streaming an ‘Urgent’ Threat

Sex offenders are increasingly using live online streaming platforms to exploit children, police have warned. Children need to be educated on the risks associated with streaming sites, the National Crime Agency said. It said offenders were learning how young people communicated online and "using this knowledge to abuse them". In one week, authorities identified 345 [...]

Children Using Social Media, Mobiles to Report Sex Abuse

A growing number of children are using social media and mobile friendly websites to come forward with complaints of sexual abuse, the Royal Commission has been told. One of the country's largest sexual assault services told the commission's ongoing examination of child sex abuse on Wednesday that it was receiving a large number of reports [...]

Inside Europe’s Biggest Sex Offenders’ Prison

Europe's biggest prison for sex offenders is in Nottinghamshire. How does it try to rehabilitate the inmates, asks Rex Bloomstein. "Whatton's a great leveller," says Lynn Saunders, governor of HMP Whatton, the largest prison for adult male sex offenders not just in the UK, but in Europe. "We've got everybody here you could imagine," she [...]

Napthine Government To Introduce Sexting Laws

People who send or threaten to distribute explicit images without consent could soon be charged, with the Napthine government introducing Australia's first “sexting” offences into Parliament this week. The new laws, which will be introduced into Parliament on Thursday, will ensure that young people who receive or send raunchy but non-exploitative sexts are spared from [...]

Adolescent sex offenders

In recent years children's sexuality and claims about the ‘pornification' of childhood have attracted considerable media attention. Among other phenomena, social commentators have observed the marketing of brands and clothing normally associated with adult sexuality to an increasingly younger age group. At the same time as this trend has encouraged younger children to explore their [...]

Tips to help parents tell if their child has been approached by an online predator

The Queensland Police force has put together some tips on what to look out for if you think your child or a young person you know has been approached by an online predator. You find pornography on your child’s computer. Child sex offenders sometimes use pornography as a way of opening sexual discussion. It may [...]

QLD Police show you how to protect your kids online

An initiative by the Queensland Police called Who's chatting to your kids? gives parents, teachers and carers practical information on how to protect children online and what to look for if you think a child is being approached by a predator. The internet and advances in technology have been embraced by sex offenders who are [...]

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