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Psychology Of A Paedophile: Why Are Some People Attracted To Children?

Getty Images Having worked with police forces in Australia and the United Kingdom identifying those who sexually prey on children, people are always asking me how you can tell a paedophile from everyone else. Well, I can tell you one thing – they don’t have horns and tails. They look and act like [...]

Controversial Paedophile Support Program to Launch in South Australia in a National First

A controversial program that offers paedophiles friendship and support in an effort to reduce offending is being trialled in Australia for the first time. I appreciate not everybody will want to spend their Saturday morning having a coffee with an offender, but I think we need to get over that. QUT criminologist, Dr Kelly Richards [...]

Adolescent sex offenders

In recent years children's sexuality and claims about the ‘pornification' of childhood have attracted considerable media attention. Among other phenomena, social commentators have observed the marketing of brands and clothing normally associated with adult sexuality to an increasingly younger age group. At the same time as this trend has encouraged younger children to explore their [...]

Children abused as safety net of family life crumbles

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald by columnist Miranda Devine was a hard read; the very subject matter curdled the stomach and made the insides squirm in an effort to escape it. The subject matter was paedophiles and how easily they gain both the trust of parents and access to the innocent children [...]

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