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How to help teens with computer game addiction

90% of children play computer games. 10% of them are addicted. The dangers of computers games have been in the news again recently with the death of a teenager in Taiwan after playing for 40 hours straight without refreshments or leaving the computer. Internet computer games have and addictive dimension to them that some young [...]

10 minute activist: Message on a bottle

Despite the fact that nearly a year has passed since the Australian and New Zealand Food and Health Ministers recommended that the alcohol industry be given two years to voluntarily implement alcohol warning labels, less than 16%* of alcoholic products carry a consumer information message. Of those that do, 98% take up less than 5% [...]

Sexting in the USA- New Survey Results

 The Crimes Against Children Research Center conducted two national surveys to develop a better understanding of sexting. The Third Youth Internet Safety Survey was a telephone survey done in 2010 with national sample of 1560 youth Internet users aged  10–17 years and their parents.  Almost 10% of youth (mostly girls aged 16–17 years) said they had "appeared [...]

20% of Young People Happy if Christmas Cancelled

A recent Headspace survey revealed how Australian young people felt about the recent christmas season: Only half of young people would be disappointed if Christmas got cancelled, while one in five would actually be relieved; One third said Chrismas made them feel worse than usual, while one third said it made them feel better, and one [...]

Mental illness a significant issue with regard to our national wellbeing

Untreated mental illness and obesity were considered so significant that even accounting for the gains made elsewhere - in life expectancy and reducing preventable hospitalisations - health was an overall drag on our national wellbeing. via Happy to live longer but mental illness and obesity still need to be dealt with.

Mixed Outcome on Alcohol Labelling for Pregnancy

The proposed pregnancy warning labels are inadequate. The pregnancy warning labels should be: Mandatory, so that the label appears prominently on all products and point of sale Consistent size and position, to ensure that the label is visible Developed by health behaviour and public health experts Accompanied by a public education campaign The industry’s current [...]

Decadence: The Decline of the Western World

Fascinating documentary featuring many incisive ideas and interviews with leading thinkers including Richard Eckersley, who spoke at a number of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Seminars in 2011. Trailer and exclusive interview with Pria Viswalingam here Decadence: The Decline of the Western World. Movie website here: No showing!

Internet Addiction on the Rise

Computer games and other online activities have become a multibillion dollar industry to rival hollywood. The evidence linking violent videogames with aggressive behaviour is now indisputable. In addition, the growing evidence for the addictive potential of such games is now causing concern amongst many mental health professionals with debate occurring at the highest levels about [...]

Kyle’s body count: 40 Sponsors gone & 23,000 sign anti-Kyle petition

The community has spoken, and continues to speak, but does 2Day FM and Austereo have the guts to pull the plug on the country's worst role model for young people? THE number of companies that have withdrawn advertising from 2Day-FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show has grown to 40 after co-host Kyle Sandilands was publicly [...]

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