A recent Headspace survey revealed how Australian young people felt about the recent christmas season:

Only half of young people would be disappointed if Christmas got cancelled, while one in five would actually be relieved;

One third said Chrismas made them feel worse than usual, while one third said it made them feel better, and one third said it made them feel about the same;

People aged 18 to 25 were more likely to have a negative view of Christmas, with 40 per cent saying it decreased their happiness.

Around 20 per cent of under 18s had the same view; 58 per cent of young people cited Tensions Between Family Members as a key reason for feeling negative about Christmas, while 52 per cent cited financial pressures;

Almost one in three young people said Christmas made them feel either worried, irritated or lonely 27 per cent said Christmas made them feel depressed; and,

More than a quarter of the young adults surveyed said alcohol or drug consumption affected their wellbeing more than usual over the holiday period. Sixteen per cent of teenagers were also in this category.

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