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Meditation: Everyone can do it

Science is starting to recognise the connection between the ancient and authentic meditation experience and optimal performance states, both at work and play. What the martial artist refers to as "muslin" and elite sportspeople call "the zone" can also be found in the essence of meditation practice. It is primarily useful in stilling the mind. [...]

How to safeguard teenagers in the world of technology

So Christmas is over and many young people will now be the proud owners of some sort of new technology. It is important to set boundaries around the use of new technology such as iPhones, iPads computers and internet access. This gives peace of mind to both parents and teenagers as both feel they are [...]

10 minute activist: Read Aloud Day 6 March 2013

Worldwide 793 million people still cannot read In countries such as Kenya, Nepal and America children are getting together and discovering the world of the written word. For many of them it is opening new doors, not only to the joy of reading but it is also building within themselves a sense of self worth, [...]

How to help kids who are hooked on online gaming

97% of children play video games* 2% are addicted The recent story of an Adelaide mother who is struggling with her 17 year old son’s addiction to the online fantasy game Runescape probably rang alarm bells with many parents who suspect or know their teenager is in front of a screen far too often and [...]

Book Review: Silence Your Mind

World-Leading Meditation Research from Australia Ramesh Manocha M.D.   Here at last we have a book about meditation suited for use in all schools, from preschool through to Year 12 and beyond. This easy to read book clearly identifies findings from 15 years of Dr Manocha’s research and practice as well as presenting a meta-analysis [...]

Teen smoking: 10 ways to keep teens smoke free

70% of smokers say they want to quit. Most smokers start when they are teenagers. Tobacco is addictive, out of the 3 million smokers in Australia, 70% want to quite but find the habit very hard to kick even though they are aware of the health risks. Saturday 1 December 2012, saw a new turning [...]

Tips for ensuring good mental health in children

 25% of people with a mental disorder experience their first episode before they are 12 years old.* The Australian Medical Association (AMA) Vice President, Professor Geoffrey Dobb, said that “Good mental health is vital to our wellbeing - it allows us to think and learn and interact meaningfully with others.” The main influences on a [...]

Tips on how to protect children from impacts of media exposure

As with most things; moderation and having regard to its content are key factors in protecting children from the impacts of media exposure.  Mr Wayne Warburton, editor of “Growing Up Fast and Furious” and Right2Childhood seminar speaker has out lined some very helpful tips that will reduce the negative risks associated with exposing children to [...]

Tips on how to protect kids from online porn

Research shows that 70% of boys have viewed porn online by the age of 12 and that by the age of 15 nearly all have.  Increasingly they are also downloading porn onto their mobile phones and sending nude photos of themselves to each other. Experts agree that viewing pornography can be harmful to the healthy [...]

7 ways to dispel racism in schools

Australia is one of the most multicultural counties in the world with 41% of Australians having one parent that was born overseas. Collectively, Australians speak over 200 languages;  the most common being Chinese, Italian, Greek and Arabic, not to mention more than 50 languages spoken by Indigenous Australians*. This melting pot that is Australia continues [...]

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