Communication is Key 

In 1980, 11.2 million people used a mobile phone. In 1990, 12.4 million people used a mobile phone. In 2002, 1.2 billion people had a mobile phone… And in 2014, 4.55 billion people used a mobile phone. That’s over 69% of the world population. We use them not only to speak to one another, but [...]

Digital Rights Of A Child

What are the rights of the child in the digital space? Just mention the phrase, “Kids Online” and immediately the subject shifts to today’s generation of teens seemingly fused with their phone, gaming console and the net. Experts lament the loss of privacy, while others warn of terrible consequences of spending so much time online. [...]

Girl Mag Watch

Girlfriend December 2012 Newsflash: Three quarters of Girlfriend readers are not having sex - sex survey This may come as a surprise: 76% of Girlfriend readers are not sexually active. GF cites their reasons: Waiting to be in love (56%) Not wanting to have sex (37%) Feeling too young (31%) No particular reason (26%) Waiting [...]

Tips on how to protect children from impacts of media exposure

As with most things; moderation and having regard to its content are key factors in protecting children from the impacts of media exposure.  Mr Wayne Warburton, editor of “Growing Up Fast and Furious” and Right2Childhood seminar speaker has out lined some very helpful tips that will reduce the negative risks associated with exposing children to [...]

The War on Teen Vogue: Young Readers Fight for “Real Girls”

Does Teen Vogue digitally zap zits? The magazine’s photos of young women are at the center of a growing squall, sparked by a pair of teenagers who have asked the magazine to show more “real girls.” The magazine says it does not digitally alter anyone's body size and that it shows a slew of real [...]

New Study: Digital Media use among young children

40% of 2 to 4 year olds and 52% of 5 to 8 year olds using smartphones, video iPods, iPads A new study in the US by Common Sense Media Research has documented the use of digital media among young children. The startling results; toddlers today spend twice as much time in front [...]