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What’s Behind Bieber Fever? Neuroscience Offers Explanation

The symptoms include uncontrollable screaming, swooning and spending hours on Twitter and Facebook. It primarily affects preteen and teen girls, yet it is highly contagious and can infect mothers, too. In severe cases, sufferers camp out on sidewalks for days. "The appeal for me is, of course, that he's beautiful," said 15-year-old Emma Reeves of [...]

Secret of a man’s happiness: do the dishes for a quiet life

A study of men across seven countries found that those who shouldered a bigger share of domestic responsibilities had a better sense of wellbeing and enjoyed a better work-life balance. But experts suggested that, while this may be partly because they felt lessguilty, the main reason could be that they had simply learnt the secret [...]

Schools put students in charge of own technical support

As companies debate the merits of allowing employees to bring their own smartphones and computers to work, another sector is forging ahead allowing a younger generation to do just that and more. Some schools are not only allowing students to bring laptops and tablets to class in keeping with the trend known as BYO device [...]

10 Smart Things I’ve Learned from People Who Never Went to College

From an early age my perspective was steeped in wisdom from those who never went to college, but managed to live fulfilling lives just the same. Here are ten things they and others I’ve encountered along the way have taught me.   1.  You can learn something useful from anyone. Whenever we find ourselves ignoring [...]

Doctors want to redefine autism

The first time in nearly two decades, experts want to rewrite the definition of autism. Some parents fear that if the definition is narrowed, their children may lose out on special therapies. via Doctors want to redefine autism; parents worried - Times Union.

Teens say social media a positive in their lives

For the vast majority of teens, using social-media sites and texting has become a part of daily life, but they still prefer communicating face-to-face, according to a survey released Tuesday. Overall, the teens who participated in the study painted a positive picture of the influence of social media on their relationships and self-image. More than [...]

The Five Hallmarks of Highly Respected Achievers

What are the characteristics that describe highly driven, achievement-oriented people who are also among the most well-respected in any organization? We all know people who are highly driven but think nothing of running others over along the way. And, we know examples of people who are respected but stagnant. Highly respected achievers manage to balance these [...]

Obsessing over happiness has adverse effects

An obsession with happiness is having an adverse effect for those who seek it, experts say. Over the last 30 years, the pursuit of happiness has come to define the ultimate modern goal. Yet a new study shows levels of expectation about happiness are unreasonable and set young people up for failure. Researchers at Yale [...]

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