How Parents Can Help Students In The Senior Years Of School

Shutterstock When you have a student completing the senior years of school, everyone in the family is doing Year 11 or 12. Here are a few ideas for coming through these years flourishing, and having everyone’s dignity intact. Parents have a vital role in helping students: Manage time Manage energy Manage stress Manage to get [...]

To End Bullying, Get the Cool Kids to Help

Gallery Hip For all of the efforts schools put into reducing bullying, there’s actually a dearth of rigorous evidence about what makes for effective anti-bullying intervention. The classic approach — pile kids into an auditorium and lecture them on the dangers of bullying, perhaps including a sad story about its effects along the [...]

10 Smart Things I’ve Learned from People Who Never Went to College

From an early age my perspective was steeped in wisdom from those who never went to college, but managed to live fulfilling lives just the same. Here are ten things they and others I’ve encountered along the way have taught me.   1.  You can learn something useful from anyone. Whenever we find ourselves ignoring [...]

What do you Expect?

For the most part, I believe that kids tend to rise or fall based on the expectations of the adults in their life. Last year, I was reminded of the book, 'Pygmalion in the Classroom' when I attended a workshop by James Nottingham. The book describes an experiment carried out in a US elementary school to test this [...]

Wellbeing or Education? It begins with belief

Dan Haesler asks which should come first, wellbeing or education? This is a no brainer - and possibly the wrong question altogether! The national and international evidence is quite clear: though we have yet to persuade all school principals across Australia - and probably most politicians - to believe the evidence.  It is unequivocal that [...]

Top schools ban homework on weekends and holidays | Perth Now

AT least two of WA's top private schools have banned homework for younger children at weekends and during school holidays "to allow kids to just be kids". The policies are in line with international expert Phil Beadle, author, trainer, speaker and a former UK Teacher of the Year, who says the traditional form of homework [...]

kicking kids out of class

How often would you send students out of your class because of disruptive behaviour? Never? Once a week? Once a day? Once a lesson? I’d imagine your response is largely  determined by the kind of school you are working in and its disciplinary system. There was a very interesting piece in the media this week [...]

Guest Post: Are teachers allowed to teach anymore?

It would seem that today society is so keen to be seen as ‘politically correct’ that we have backed ourselves into a corner. We no longer have the freedom to play, educate, learn or relax as we would like for fear of ‘upsetting’ or ‘offending’ somebody, anybody. Tom Hodgkinson from The Independent (UK) recently wrote [...]