The GN Podcast with Andrew Fuller: Neuroplasticity – Has it changed the way we educate?

In this episode: The brain’s circuitry is shaped by experiences and changes dynamically It is possible to structure teaching and learning around these principles There is much more that can be done, once we accept that our brains are not static Host: Andrew Fuller, Clinical psychologist and family therapist, speaker and creator of Learning [...]

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Teaching Children why Failure MUST be an Option

“Failure is not an option” is a line immortalized in the movie “Apollo 13.” The maxim was the mission ethic of NASA engineers who fought to save the damaged Apollo 13 space capsule in 1970. The line has become so emblematic of persistence in the face of catastrophe that teenagers, professionals and  leaders around the world [...]

Learning Styles Is Pseudo-scientific ‘Rubbish’, Experts Warn

Flikr Images Leading education academics have warned that the strategy of tailoring teaching to students' so-called "learning styles" was based on flawed theories that were not based on any evidence. Yet this teaching style - which identifies learners as "visual, auditory or kinesthetic" - is still being promoted by state education departments as best practice teaching. Professor Stephen Dinham, who has [...]

How Kids Learn Resilience

Gillian Laub / Getty Images Here’s the problem: For all our talk about noncognitive skills, nobody has yet found a reliable way to teach kids to be grittier or more resilient. And it has become clear, at the same time, that the educators who are best able to engender noncognitive abilities in their [...]

On Praising Kids for Effort

ALAMY It’s become something of a self-esteem cliché in the classroom: assuring kids that it’s fine if they messed up their homework assignment on long division, because, hey, they tried really hard. The underlying intention is a good one, and it can be traced back to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck’s work on mind-sets. Dweck [...]

Australian Principals Facing Violence and Bullying

They're supposed to keep a check on schoolyard bullying but many Australian school principals are victims of bullying themselves, according to a survey. Alamy SYDNEY, Dec 3 - Nearly half of Australia's school principals have faced threats of violence - and parents are the worst offenders, a principal safety and wellbeing survey released on Thursday [...]

Beware of the ‘BFF’ Mother

Best friends: Mother Lorelai (Lauren Graham, left) and daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel) in Gilmore Girls. Having a BFF relationship with your daughter isn't modern, it's toxic. Because how on earth are these girls going to cope in the adult workplace where authority figures call the shots and righteous indignation gets you absolutely nowhere? [...]

Want to Raise Kind Kids? Harvard Says These 5 Techniques Will Help You Do That

www.raisinglifelonglearners The Making Caring Common Project, done at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, came up with some interesting findings that seem even more relevant given that World Random Act of Kindness Day is just around the corner on November 13th. According to the study, a large majority of youth across a wide spectrum [...]

Empowering The Student Voice

I recently heard Student Voice being described as the ‘latest trendy term in education.’ That may be so, but I’d argue it’s a pretty important concept to understand if we are serious about reaching every kid. Research indicates that disengagement from school rises with age, to the point that nearly half the kids sitting in [...]

Education: Conservative vs Creative

An article in The Age recently opened up, yet again, the discussion around education and the pros and cons of a conservative approach to teaching and learning or a more innovative, creative approach. It made for thought-provoking reading. I make no apology for being a huge fan of Sir Ken Robinson and his ideals of [...]