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8 girls that are changing the world

Children's Week 2014 has just begun and this year's theme is "every child's right to speak and be heard". As a parent of two young children it's easy to joke about the delights of kids NOT speaking or being heard. Yet there are countless children around Australia and the globe who speak up on issues [...]

Students Having A Voice And Taking Action

I’m really exploring the concept of Student Voice at the moment. Both in my writing and in my work with schools. Last week I was invited back to the school where I last taught in 2012. I was part of a panel for an evening that the Year 12s had put on to discuss some [...]

Students Driving Wellbeing In One School

It’s interesting isn’t it? We often talk about approaches to student wellbeing in school, without ever really chatting to students themselves. Indeed I’ve spoken to many students in schools all over Australia, and whilst they are aware of phrases like resilience, social & emotional learning and/or wellbeing, not too many can actually articulate what those [...]

Empowering The Student Voice

I recently heard Student Voice being described as the ‘latest trendy term in education.’ That may be so, but I’d argue it’s a pretty important concept to understand if we are serious about reaching every kid. Research indicates that disengagement from school rises with age, to the point that nearly half the kids sitting in [...]

Trying to silence the Student Voice

I bet there’s certain things kids say that grate on you. I bet there are slang terms that, quite simply, you don’t understand.   Every now and then you’ll come across a helpful list of the latest “kids speak” like this one. Go on, read it. It’s brilliant.   I’ll bet if you think back, [...]

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