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1000 Hours – Yet More Mum Guilt. But What If It’s Right?

FOR someone who deals in words, more often it’s numbers that stop me in my tracks. The number of weekends I have left to enjoy if I live to 90 — just 2080. The amount a share I’ve been eyeing off has gone up since the end of October when I neglected to buy it [...]

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Spouse’s personality influences career success, study finds

Although we marry "for better for worse, for richer for poorer," this study is among the first to demonstrate that the personality traits of the spouse we choose may play a role in determining whether our chosen career makes us richer or poorer. - Gerry Everding via Spouse's personality influences career success, study finds.

Education: Conservative vs Creative

An article in The Age recently opened up, yet again, the discussion around education and the pros and cons of a conservative approach to teaching and learning or a more innovative, creative approach. It made for thought-provoking reading. I make no apology for being a huge fan of Sir Ken Robinson and his ideals of [...]

Teachers under stress

Many young teachers who begin their training with high motivation and noble ideals are exhausted or almost burnt out within a few years on the job, new research has shown. The latest findings from a continuing study by researchers at Monash University revealed more than one in four new teachers suffered from "emotional exhaustion" shortly [...]

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