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5 Proven Truths About Finding Happiness

Pixabay Images Happiness is a state we all want to achieve, but it often seems elusive. Have you ever felt happy one moment and then thought that it won’t last, which makes you feel less happy in the next moment? How frustrating is that? What is happiness? Is it a state of mind, a mood, or a way [...]

Gorgeous to Grumpy – Motivating Early Teens

Photo by Bevan Gold Swain/Thinkstock - www.slate.com In his 2008 review of Middle Years literature, Dr David Smith identified five key principles to engage and motivate this 10-15 year age group: Relationships Relevance Rigour Resilience Responsibility ...but what does this mean in real and practical terms? This is an age group distinguished by [...]

Gratitude Might Be The Best Ninja Move Ever

When depression chopped me in the back of the knee and sent me sprawling on the floor – well actually the couch – for a full year, I had to learn some brilliant ninja moves. I learned moves that got me back on my feet and moves that keep sneaky saboteurs from whacking me so [...]

3 Ways To Improve Your Mood And Wellbeing

Research by Barbara Fredrickson and Martin Seligman has shown that individuals can boost their wellbeing by improving the way in which they view their life. 1. What Went Well? A simple way to reframe your outlook on life is to ask, “What went well today?” and list them. Try to find three positives. This also [...]

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Spouse’s personality influences career success, study finds

Although we marry "for better for worse, for richer for poorer," this study is among the first to demonstrate that the personality traits of the spouse we choose may play a role in determining whether our chosen career makes us richer or poorer. - Gerry Everding via Spouse's personality influences career success, study finds.


Teachers - is there something missing in how you are connecting with your students - those kids in Years 5 to 9 who sometimes seem to be in a world of their own? Do they appear to be at times fidgety, uninspired, unsure and at other times loud, challenging and emotional? The 'middle years' period [...]