Research by Barbara Fredrickson and Martin Seligman has shown that individuals can boost their wellbeing by improving the way in which they view their life.

1. What Went Well?

A simple way to reframe your outlook on life is to ask, “What went well today?” and list them. Try to find three positives.

This also works well with others. Instead of asking your partner, “How was your day?” instead ask them “What went well today?” You are helping them to frame the day in a positive light.

And in the workplace? Too often we focus on what’s not working at the expense of the attention we could be placing on what is working.

2. Write a Gratitude Letter

Think of a person who has greatly influenced you. Perhaps they have been a source of inspiration or support and write them a letter of gratitude.

Research shows that gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions when it comes to enhancing our own wellbeing not to mention the wellbeing of the recipient!

3. Create Positivity Portfolios

These are a collection of different stimuli that elicit certain positive emotions. Fredrickson says that by creating easily accessible portfolios that encompass; Love, Joy, Gratitude, Serenity, Interest, Hope, Pride, Amusement, Inspiration and Awe we can significantly boost our wellbeing.

A simple way of doing this is flicking through your photos on your phone. The one that makes you smile – that’s a keeper. Set up a separate folder and put all the photos that make you smile in that folder. This can be your Joy Portfolio. 

Another folder may be made up of photos or videos of your family. This could be your Love Portfolio. 

What would you put in your Gratitude Portfolio?
Author: Dan Haesler is a teacher, consultant and speaker at the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Young People seminars. His website is: and he tweets at @danhaesler