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Supporting And Improving Teacher’s Wellbeing

It is impossible to support the social and emotional health of young people, if we as teachers do not attend to our own emotional health. Anyone who has worked in schools or who knows a teacher will be aware that they are often stressed, tired, and running on empty until the next school holiday arrives. [...]

Teachers under stress

Many young teachers who begin their training with high motivation and noble ideals are exhausted or almost burnt out within a few years on the job, new research has shown. The latest findings from a continuing study by researchers at Monash University revealed more than one in four new teachers suffered from "emotional exhaustion" shortly [...]

Who’s looking after the teachers?

I’ve written before about the importance of teacher wellbeing. Yes I know this is the Generation Next not the Generation Was Blog, but I think it is essential to appreciate that if we want our kids to flourish, then it is essential that the adults in their lives are doing likewise.   A great deal [...]

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