Moms Can Transmit Psychiatric Trouble To Kids

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Individual symptoms, such as anxiety, avoidance and a heightened response to stress, can be transmitted from mother to child and even grandchildren by multiple nongenetic mechanisms, a new study by investigators at Weill Cornell Medicine and other institutions shows. The pre-clinical findings, published May 13 in Nature Communications, may lead [...]

The Years When Nurturing Makes Kids Smarter And More Resilient

Photo: Getty Images According to new research from Washington University School of Medicine, children whose mothers were more nurturing during the preschool years, rather than later on in childhood, have more robust growth in brain structures associated with learning memory and stress response, than kids with less supportive mums. As part of the study, [...]

Beware of the ‘BFF’ Mother

Best friends: Mother Lorelai (Lauren Graham, left) and daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel) in Gilmore Girls. Having a BFF relationship with your daughter isn't modern, it's toxic. Because how on earth are these girls going to cope in the adult workplace where authority figures call the shots and righteous indignation gets you absolutely nowhere? [...]

Give Yourself Some Loving, Parents Urged

The struggle of parenting is real, but are mothers and fathers making the situation worse by failing to give themselves sufficient credit? The struggle of parenting is real, but are mothers and fathers making the situation worse by failing to give themselves sufficient credit? University of Queensland School of Psychology's Dr James Kirby has commenced [...]

Prenatal Mercury Levels From Fish Tied to Attention Issue

Children exposed to low levels of mercury in the womb through their mothers eating fish high in the metal have an increased chance of developing attention deficit-related disorders, according to a study that suggests pregnant women avoid some types of seafood. The research online today in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine also showed [...]

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Can Foetus Sense Mother’s Psychological State?

As a foetus grows, it's constantly getting messages from its mother. It's not just hearing her heartbeat and whatever music she might play to her belly; it also gets chemical signals through the placenta. A new study, which will be published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, finds that this [...]

Depression: It’s Not Just in Your Head, It’s Also in Your Genes

Ninety-seven healthy girls, ages 10 to 14, had saliva DNA samples taken. About half of them had moms with histories of depression, and about half had moms who did not. None of the girls had histories of depression. (1)The girls whose moms had suffered depression had significant reductions in the length of their telomeres. We [...]

Young girls ‘mimicking mothers’ body image fears’

Girls as young as seven are learning to dislike their own bodies because they have seen their mothers standing in front of the mirror describing themselves as fat or old, new research shows. The OnePoll survey found that seven out of 10 women said that their child had seen them engaging in “negative body language [...]

Here’s a map of the best and worst countries to be a mother

A new report by Save the Children, a London-based NGO, gauges and ranks the conditions for mothers in almost every country in the world.  The Mother's Index, measures conditions for mothers using five different metrics: risk of maternal death, infant mortality rate, the number of years an average child will spend in school, gross national income [...]

Dolly November 2013

Pregnant and punished: Dolly and teen pregnancy Girl Mag Review Dolly November 2013 Melinda Tankard Reist ‘What it’s really like to be a teen mum’ starts off: ‘Babies might seem cute, but having one of your own is no joke’. Is anyone really saying having a baby is a joke? Do girls really think it’s [...]