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Resilience and Girls Over the past year, Resilient Youth Australia has surveyed 18,156 young Australian females in years 3 to 12 to gain a picture of their resilience. This paper is written to help you think about ways to build upon the strengths of girls and young women as well as addressing their areas of [...]

Three-Year-Old Aboriginal Girl Left in Tears after Being Subjected to Racial Abuse

Dressed as Elsa while attending a Disney themed event, something heartbreaking happened to Samara Muir. A three-year-old Aboriginal girl was left in tears after being victim to racial abuse during a trip to Melbourne. Samara Muir, from Ballarat, was in Melbourne at a Disney event at Watergardens shopping centre in Taylors Lakes last month with [...]

Young girls ‘mimicking mothers’ body image fears’

Girls as young as seven are learning to dislike their own bodies because they have seen their mothers standing in front of the mirror describing themselves as fat or old, new research shows. The OnePoll survey found that seven out of 10 women said that their child had seen them engaging in “negative body language [...]

Dolly October 2013

Dolly Doctor and Oral Sex: is advice to girls clear? Melinda Tankard Reist Dolly Doctor this issue deals with oral sex. Parents with younger Dolly readers in the family may want to be aware of that and be prepared to talk about it with them (Dolly has featured’ Readers of the month’ who are 11). [...]


Young girls are sharing their self-taken snaps - known as "selfies" - on the photo-sharing website Instagram to compete in pop-up beauty contests on the site. Adolescent girls – some as young as 10-years-old - upload their photographs with hashtags like #instabeautypageantawards or #instabeautypageant and are willing and ready to be judged on their pictures. [...]

Gwyneth Paltrow promoting bikinis to four year olds

Paltrow's website, Goop, is promoting a range of bikinis for girls as young as four. The Melissa Odabash bikinis are normally worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Paltrow herself, but the latest range is designed for little girls. via Gwyneth Paltrow | Bikini | Girls.

Tips on how to give girls a Positive Body image

Body image is the No. 1 concern for young people aged 12 to 24. Signs include obsessing about their weight, their shape, their size. Parents should focus on a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Praise your daughter for her accomplishments not her looks.* The new Lottie doll has arrived and it is a welcome change from the [...]

Readers getting younger: is Girlfriend moving in on Dolly?

Girl Mag Watch October 2012 Reading the October issue (yes, I know, just scraping this review in in time) of Girlfriend, I found myself checking the front cover to make sure I’d picked up Girlfriend and not Dolly. I’m wondering if perhaps Girlfriend is moving in on Dolly’s readership. And, if so, could this see [...]

Youth increasingly narcissistic says psychologist Jean Twenge

Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, said a study she conducted of 16,000 university students across the US showed 30 per cent were narcissistic in psychological tests, compared with 15 per cent in 1982. ''They are all 18 and 19-year-olds, so this is clearly a generational shift,'' she said. via Youth [...]

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Why 6-Year-Old Girls Want to Be Sexy | Self-Sexualization is on the rise

Most girls as young as 6 are already beginning to think of themselves as sex objects, according to a new study of elementary school-age kids in the Midwest. Researchers have shown in the past that women and teens think of themselves in sexually objectified terms, but the new study is the first to identify self-sexualization [...]

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