3 Ways to Spot a Narcissist

Whether you’re dating, making friends, looking for a job, hiring employees, or joining a club or organization, it can be helpful to know some of the warning signs for people with narcissistic personality disorder or significant traits. In relationships, they usually consider themselves superior to you, are insulting and demeaning, do not reciprocate attention, demand [...]

Youth increasingly narcissistic says psychologist Jean Twenge

Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, said a study she conducted of 16,000 university students across the US showed 30 per cent were narcissistic in psychological tests, compared with 15 per cent in 1982. ''They are all 18 and 19-year-olds, so this is clearly a generational shift,'' she said. via Youth [...]

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Parents: how to spot a self absorbed teen

30% of young people are self absorbed How parents can spot a self absorbed teen (teen narcissistic personality disorder) • Fantasies about having exceptional success, attractiveness or power  • Expectations of special treatment  • Over-emphasis on achievements and exaggeration of one's skills  • Exploits other people  • Need for constant praise and validation  • Does not consider others' feelings  • Belief that [...]