Dolly commended for highlighting the life of young carers

Girls Mag Review December Melinda Tankard Reist In 147 pages of beauty and fashion shopping, advice and advertising , along with tips on catching your “crush” this summer, there are, fortunately, a few articles that will actually help girls. As you know, I always search for the personal stories which convey the reality of girls’ [...]

Girl Mag Watch Dolly July 2013

Dolly tackles binge drinking, abusive relationships and cyber attacks Melinda Tankard Reist Sometimes I wonder if one girl’s mag gets wind of what another is up to and copies it. In this case it’s a good thing, with Dolly also running a feature on binge drinking. I commended Girlfriend for a strong piece on “liquid [...]

Girls Mag Watch Dolly March 2013

Drop the Model Search and this could be a good issue If Dolly wasn’t persisting with its Model Search competition, which returned last year having been sensibly done away with by previous editors, I could probably have given this issue the thumbs up. Lydia Turner, Managing Director at BodyMatters Australasia, and I have written before [...]

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Dolly – Girl Mag Review

You Only Live Once. Why not change the world? Dolly February 2013 As always, I’m confused about teen girls’ magazines approach to airbrushing and photo-shop (see here for a past example of my confusion). This issue contains an explanation of the ‘Retouch Free Zone’. “DOLLY is all about healthy body image – that’s why we [...]

Advice on standing against sexist stereotypes, teen marriage, budgeting and managing internet

Girl Mag Watch Dolly January 2013 Good advice on standing against sexist stereotypes, teen marriage, budgeting and managing internet - but why so much on scoring a boyfriend? In its first edition for the year, Dolly brings readers some important content to help them launch into 2013. ‘Sexism: what’s it all about?’ examines how gender-based [...]

Dolly acknowledging inspiring young women

Inspiring young women, competitive eating, runaways, how alcohol and smoking harm girls’ skins: some helpful articles in Dolly November 2012 Melinda Tankard Reist Two issues of Dolly in a row (last one here about which I’ve found some positive things to say. Perhaps it’s time for Generation Next to find a new reviewer? ‘Dolly [...]

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Readers getting younger: is Girlfriend moving in on Dolly?

Girl Mag Watch October 2012 Reading the October issue (yes, I know, just scraping this review in in time) of Girlfriend, I found myself checking the front cover to make sure I’d picked up Girlfriend and not Dolly. I’m wondering if perhaps Girlfriend is moving in on Dolly’s readership. And, if so, could this see [...]

Girl Mag Watch: Dolly commended for helpful features on anxiety and safety on-line

Not sure if I’m getting too relaxed with the soon arrival of a desperately needed break, but I am about to surprise you and commend Dolly on a few things this issue, primarily features on anxiety and cyber dangers.  A two page article on anxiety, ‘Anxiety Anonymous’, covers one of the major issues for tweens [...]

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