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Girl Mag Watch: Dolly commended for helpful features on anxiety and safety on-line

Not sure if I’m getting too relaxed with the soon arrival of a desperately needed break, but I am about to surprise you and commend Dolly on a few things this issue, primarily features on anxiety and cyber dangers.  A two page article on anxiety, ‘Anxiety Anonymous’, covers one of the major issues for tweens [...]

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Teen girl mag watch: Girlfriend, August 2012

A significant intervention at a critical time in the conversation and about girls, sexualisation and sexuality Girlfriend August 2012 Melinda Tankard Reist Ok, firstly, a disclosure. I’m going to open with some praise for a Girlfriend which, naturally, you the reader could be tempted to think is just because I’m quoted in it and the [...]

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Teenager leads successful petition to portray girls truthfully in teen magazines

Facing pressure from teen girls demanding truthful images of young women, Seventeen magazine has vowed to "celebrate every kind of beauty" and feature only photographs of real girls and models who are healthy.  Editor-in-chief Ann Shoket made the announcement in her editor's letter in the August issue, and her note marks a major triumph for [...]

Girlfriend June 2012 The Big O: and it’s not Roy Orbison, by Melinda Tankard Reist

For women my generation who see a massive magazine heading “The Big O” and think it’s about Roy Orbison, you probably won’t want to read further. The “Big O”) in this case refers to orgasm – in fact “your giggle-free guide to orgasms.” Although if your daughter is a 13-year-old reader of Girlfriend (GF has [...]

Guest Post: Girl Mag Roundup September – October 2010

By Melinda Tankard Reist Girlfriend September 2010 Katy Perry features on the cover. While Perry is well known for her raunchy, highly sexualised music video clips and lyrics, none of this is even touched on in GFs interview. You’d think she was singing about butterflies and cupcakes. A ‘self-respect reality check’ on the cover tells [...]

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