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Should we bother complaining about sexualised ads?

Why bother complaining about media at all? I mean look at that Lynx ad featuring Sophie Monk encouraging guys to “clean their dirty balls”. This is just the latest along an ever unraveling string of sexist, racist, ageist ads by Lynx (or Axe in the USA), who by the way is owned by Unilever. You [...]

Girlfriend June 2012 The Big O: and it’s not Roy Orbison, by Melinda Tankard Reist

For women my generation who see a massive magazine heading “The Big O” and think it’s about Roy Orbison, you probably won’t want to read further. The “Big O”) in this case refers to orgasm – in fact “your giggle-free guide to orgasms.” Although if your daughter is a 13-year-old reader of Girlfriend (GF has [...]

Lynx, Unilever continue use of sexualised messages

Melinda Tankard Reist said the advertisement ''hit the jackpot: it's sexist, racist and ageist''. Ms Tankard Reist said she was aware it was designed to provoke outrage. ''We're not stupid,'' she told The Sun-Herald.''We understand what their tactics are but the option of silence is unacceptable.'' via Outrage as Lynx aims below the belt again.