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The Way We Discuss Suicide Can Unintentionally Cause Harm

Many people are discussing and grieving fashion designer Kate Spade’s death, apparently by suicide. And in these moments, it becomes essential to discussing suicide as safely as possible. Whether you knew the person who lost their life personally or as a public figure, whether you’re speaking in private, public, or as a member of the [...]

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Even Happiness Has a Downside

The United Nations hosted a "High Level Meeting on Happiness and Well-being" in New York this week. The confab's point was that judging the success of societies solely by material measures such as Gross National Product fails to capture everything that goes into a life well-lived. True enough, but I do wonder how accurate a [...]

Doctors want to redefine autism

The first time in nearly two decades, experts want to rewrite the definition of autism. Some parents fear that if the definition is narrowed, their children may lose out on special therapies. via Doctors want to redefine autism; parents worried - Times Union.

About The Microaggression Project – power, privilege, and everyday life.

This project is a response to “it’s not a big deal” - “it” is a big deal. ”it” is in the everyday. ”it” is shoved in your face when you are least expecting it. ”it” happens when you expect it the most. ”it” is a reminder of your difference. ”it” enforces difference. ”it” can be [...]

Doctors target gun violence as a social disease

Is a gun like a virus, a car, tobacco or alcohol? Yes, say public health experts, who in the wake of recent mass shootings are calling for a fresh look at gun violence as a social disease. What we need, they say, is a public health approach to the problem, like the highway safety measures, [...]

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Who’s the Parent?

For years there has been a line – albeit a semi-permanent, movable, sometimes defined, sometimes less so line – separating the role of teacher and parent. The term “in loco parentis” is used to define schools duty of care.  Often schools will offer parent information nights, offering advice on how best to meet the needs [...]

Should we bother complaining about sexualised ads?

Why bother complaining about media at all? I mean look at that Lynx ad featuring Sophie Monk encouraging guys to “clean their dirty balls”. This is just the latest along an ever unraveling string of sexist, racist, ageist ads by Lynx (or Axe in the USA), who by the way is owned by Unilever. You [...]

Concentration: how to focus better

The next time you walk into a room and forget why you're there, blame a monkey. That kind of distraction is a classic case of "monkey mind", according to Ramesh Manocha, a senior lecturer in psychiatry at the University of Sydney. "The mind is understood, at least in the east, to have a monkey-like nature," [...]

Money Really Can’t Buy Happiness, Study Finds

Contrary to popular belief, happiness in life has more to do with respect and influence than status or wealth, according to a new study. Researchers said one possible reason money doesn't buy happiness is that people may get used to their higher income, but they never tire of being admired by others. via Money Really [...]

the beginning of the end to alcohol sponsorship of sport?

TWELVE sports associations will become teetotal when it comes to alcohol sponsorship after a $25 million deal with the government.The groups have struck a deal to promote safe alcohol consumption by adults, alcohol-free sporting environments for minors and to reduce alcohol promotion in their codes.But the AFL and NRL were not part of the deal. [...]