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The Disrupted Childhood Report

The Disrupted Childhood Report explains commonly-used strategies, and highlights how automated technology both leverages and reinforces human instinct, in order to trigger habits and behaviours. Variously called ‘reward loops’, ‘captology’, ‘sticky’, ‘dwell features’ and ‘extended use strategies’, persuasive design strategies are deliberately baked into digital services and products in order to capture and hold users’ [...]

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NDIS Big Impact on Mental Health Services in ACT

A new report adds to mounting evidence that people with mental illness and psychosocial disability are not being well served by the NDIS. The report, ‘When the NDIS came to the ACT – A story of Hope and Disruption in the Mental Health Sector’, looks at whether the introduction of the NDIS in the ACT [...]

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Gambling With Children’s Lives in ‘Uncontrolled Social Experiment’

Children are being bombarded with gambling adverts in an ‘uncontrolled social experiment on today’s youth’, a Government report has warned. In a damning review, the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board said nine out of ten young people had been exposed to gambling adverts and marketing on TV and social media. As a result, gambling risks becoming [...]

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National Report Reveals Widespread Bullying, Assaults and Suicide Taunts

More than 56 per cent of students with disabilities had experienced bullying over a 12-month period, a national survey has found. The survey, by Children and Young People with Disability Australia, revealed students experienced a range of bullying including being punched, kicked, headbutted, cyberbullied, spat on and having food or rocks thrown at them. Some [...]

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The Way We Discuss Suicide Can Unintentionally Cause Harm

Many people are discussing and grieving fashion designer Kate Spade’s death, apparently by suicide. And in these moments, it becomes essential to discussing suicide as safely as possible. Whether you knew the person who lost their life personally or as a public figure, whether you’re speaking in private, public, or as a member of the [...]

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New report on p*rn and young people by UK children’s commissioner

The first year of our Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups revealed shocking rates of sexual violation of children and young people in these contexts. We obtained incontrovertible evidence that, between August 2010 and October 2011, at least 2,409 children were victims of sexual exploitation. Equally troubling was the evidence that at [...]