The War on Teen Vogue: Young Readers Fight for “Real Girls”

Does Teen Vogue digitally zap zits? The magazine’s photos of young women are at the center of a growing squall, sparked by a pair of teenagers who have asked the magazine to show more “real girls.” The magazine says it does not digitally alter anyone's body size and that it shows a slew of real [...]

Girls’ Mag Watch: More Stereotyped and Limiting Messages for Girls

By Melinda Tankard-Reist. For many girls, the magazines they read are their lifestyle bibles. How should they look, dress, act and relate? What's important in life? Who should they look up to? My analysis of the November issues of Girlfriend, Dolly, Girlpower, Disney Girl, Little Angel and the October and November issues of TotalGirl shows [...]

Guest Post: Girl Mag Roundup September – October 2010

By Melinda Tankard Reist Girlfriend September 2010 Katy Perry features on the cover. While Perry is well known for her raunchy, highly sexualised music video clips and lyrics, none of this is even touched on in GFs interview. You’d think she was singing about butterflies and cupcakes. A ‘self-respect reality check’ on the cover tells [...]