Girlfriend October 2013

Losing your virginity and double standards for men and women: Girlfriend October 2013 Melinda Tankard Reist The article ‘Like a Virgin’, in the October issue of Girlfriend, argues, quite rightly, that there is a double standard when it comes to men losing their virginity and women losing theirs. “It’s time we stopped talking like virginity [...]

Girlfriend September 2013

Girl Achieving: Girlfriend September 2013 Melinda Tankard Reist As always, when I review teen girls’ magazines I look for the girls who are taking up their rightful place in the world, engaging in social action and cultural transformation. This issue we meet ‘2013 Girlfriend of the Year’ (I’m ignoring the eight pages on GF’s Rimmel [...]

Girlfriend August 2013

Anxiety and sleep: Girlfriend deals with two significant issues for girls Melinda Tankard Reist The two most important articles in this issue are on anxiety and the importance of sleep. Anxiety appears to be a plague on our girls right now. ‘Feeling anxious? How to deal when your worries take over your life’ looks at [...]

Girl Mag Review

Girlfriend trifecta – three positive reviews and big ticks for global perspective in May issue My last two reviews (‘Excellent advice on helping a friend with an eating disorder and dealing with stalking’, ‘Pressures to sext and give oral sex’) have been almost entirely positive. That’s pretty unusual. The May issue makes this a trifecta. Whenever [...]

Girlfriend – Girl mag Watch

From Mindfulness to Masturbation: Girlfriend’s January issue ‘Switched on: Sorting out the small things’ provides readers with 10 things they need to know about 2013, which ranges fascinatingly from the Australian Federal Election and our troops exiting Afghanistan, to One Direction’s World Tour and actors Ryan Gosling and Robert Paterson in Australia. ‘Are you a [...]

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Girlfriend May Review: injects some much needed reality, but doesn’t go all the way

In last month’s Girlfriend Review, I outlined the disturbing findings of the magazine’s annual body image survey. Our young women still despise their bodies, despite GF’s own positive body image initiatives, which I’ve argued, never really went far enough. So it was refreshing to see in May’s issue a strong case for exposing systems [...]

Girls’ Mag Watch: More Stereotyped and Limiting Messages for Girls

By Melinda Tankard-Reist. For many girls, the magazines they read are their lifestyle bibles. How should they look, dress, act and relate? What's important in life? Who should they look up to? My analysis of the November issues of Girlfriend, Dolly, Girlpower, Disney Girl, Little Angel and the October and November issues of TotalGirl shows [...]