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Coles Pulls Magazine with Nude Miranda Kerr Cover Off Shelves

Removed: Miranda Kerr on the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine. Photo: Harper's Bazaar Coles supermarkets has pulled thousands of copies of Harper's Bazaar Australia magazine featuring a nude Miranda Kerr on the cover because the store's executives deemed it "inappropriate". However, the retail giant has been unable to elaborate on what was the catalyst for [...]

The Requests That A Magazine Retoucher Gets Will Shock You

If you want to go all the way down the rabbit hole, talk to a digital retoucher at a fashion and celebrity glossy, which is what I did. The retoucher I spoke with--who preferred to remain anonymous--is a 20 year veteran of the trade. "Everything I learned about keeping skin tone intact--taking out wrinkles but [...]

Why I regret being a teen model judge and threw my women’s mags away

Many women I know, including myself, have a no women’s/celebrity magazines policy in their home. It was a liberating act for me to throw mine away, though the reasons for doing so are manifold (personal, political and spiritual). I had built up a wall of them and I was held captive, oppressed by their sheer [...]

The War on Teen Vogue: Young Readers Fight for “Real Girls”

Does Teen Vogue digitally zap zits? The magazine’s photos of young women are at the center of a growing squall, sparked by a pair of teenagers who have asked the magazine to show more “real girls.” The magazine says it does not digitally alter anyone's body size and that it shows a slew of real [...]

Girlfriend May Review: injects some much needed reality, but doesn’t go all the way

In last month’s Girlfriend Review, I outlined the disturbing findings of the magazine’s annual body image survey. Our young women still despise their bodies, despite GF’s own positive body image initiatives, which I’ve argued, never really went far enough. So it was refreshing to see in May’s issue a strong case for exposing systems [...]

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