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Why do we see faces in everyday objects?

It’s not often that you look at your meal to find it staring back at you. But when Diane Duyser picked up her cheese toastie, she was in for a shock. “I went to take a bite out of it, and then I saw this lady looking back at me,” she told the Chicago Tribune. [...]

The Mental Health Consequences of Rape

With comments in the media about “legitimate rape” and surrounding myths, it becomes clear that more information needs to be spread about the actual definition of rape, how women truly suffer when they are raped, and the recovery methods available. via The Mental Health Consequences of Rape - Mental Health Article by Rheyanne Weaver.

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Why I regret being a teen model judge and threw my women’s mags away

Many women I know, including myself, have a no women’s/celebrity magazines policy in their home. It was a liberating act for me to throw mine away, though the reasons for doing so are manifold (personal, political and spiritual). I had built up a wall of them and I was held captive, oppressed by their sheer [...]