German magazine tires of ‘real women’ models

Germany's top women's magazine is considering abandoning its use of amateur models barely two years after banishing professional ones. The fortnightly Brigitte, which has been providing German women with fashion and lifestyle tips since 1954, hit the headlines in 2009 when it said it would feature only ''real women'', part of a backlash against ultra-thin [...]

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Women’s mags and their impact on our psyche….join the petition!

It sounds ridiculous now, but when the culture bred by women’s magazines is your daily reality, it’s hard not to get sucked in and think that it is anything but normal. The magazines inspired us to compete with each other, and the competition was anything but healthy. As a freckly girl with pale skin, pimples [...]

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Why I regret being a teen model judge and threw my women’s mags away

Many women I know, including myself, have a no women’s/celebrity magazines policy in their home. It was a liberating act for me to throw mine away, though the reasons for doing so are manifold (personal, political and spiritual). I had built up a wall of them and I was held captive, oppressed by their sheer [...]