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How to Give Kids Good Body Image in the Age of Snapchat

During a recent date night with my husband, my beloved babysitter let my 4-year-old daughter take a few (unpublished) pictures with a Snapchat filter that added blush and eyelashes while smoothing out her already blemish-free skin. My daughter was transfixed, and started referring to those pictures as “the pretty ones.” My jaw instantly dropped, as [...]

The story behind Israel’s Photoshop Law

The legislation focuses on two elements of the fashion industry that have long drawn criticism for their effects on women and, especially, girls: ultra thin models and the use of Photoshop to make women appear impossibly thin in advertisements. The measure has been controversial within Israel for raising the question of where free speech bumps [...]

When we have to airbrush flesh onto models you know we’ve got a problem

WHEN fashion publishers feel they have to use photo-shop to ‘‘fatten up’’ models in a major fashion event before they can publish their images, you know there’s a problem. Usually when fashion and beauty publications employ digital enhancement it’s for the opposite reason: to slim down the model or celebrity and hide ‘‘flaws’’. But this [...]

German magazine tires of ‘real women’ models

Germany's top women's magazine is considering abandoning its use of amateur models barely two years after banishing professional ones. The fortnightly Brigitte, which has been providing German women with fashion and lifestyle tips since 1954, hit the headlines in 2009 when it said it would feature only ''real women'', part of a backlash against ultra-thin [...]

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Airbrushed images

Two images depicting women digitally edited to look unrealistically skinny have been making waves in the media recently. In the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney an advertisement for Ralph Lauren with an unrealistically skinny model is displayed. The model in the picture has had her waist significantly reduced to make her appear much smaller, as [...]