Fashionable Anxiety

When stationery entrepreneur Jen Gotch and the heavyweights at jewellery brand Iconery sat together at a table, they decided to work towards ending the stigma around mental illness. Their intention in creating dainty ‘anxiety‘ and ‘depression‘ necklaces was, no doubt, admirable; Gotch is a popular businesswoman whose Instagram following of almost 200,000 was built upon candid [...]

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Victoria’s Secret Has a Body Image Problem

Victoria's Secret's new ad has sparked a petition calling for it be amended. Photo: Frances Black For a company that has built its fortune from hoisting up breasts and covering derrieres, Victoria's Secret seems to not be very keen on the actual bodies of the majority of women. Their distorted body image is [...]

Has the Melbourne Cup passed its use-by date?

Perhaps even more popular than the online photo galleries of what the "celebrities" wore, are the galleries of the drunks and post-come-apart bogans as they unravel towards the end of a long day's drinking. The Instagram page "Drunk Girls of the Melbourne Cup" has more than 28,000 followers. It features women double-fisting booze bottles, accumulating [...]

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5 tricks stores use to make you spend more money

The man whose job it is to advise companies on how best to sell you things recently wrote an article for Business Insider, ‘How to get someone to buy something’, revealing every trick in the book when it comes to consumer manipulation. The best sales people have mastered the following five things. - Kathleen Lee Joe [...]

Private Schools And Their Moral Failings

Not every private school kid emerges as a Ja’mie, a Danny, nor any of the other bitches and bullies portrayed in these fictions. But these fictions tell a certain truth: there’s much more to education than what’s taught in the classroom. If public schools are values-neutral, as John Howard (who attended one) famously suggested, private [...]

Dolly commended for highlighting the life of young carers

Girls Mag Review December Melinda Tankard Reist In 147 pages of beauty and fashion shopping, advice and advertising , along with tips on catching your “crush” this summer, there are, fortunately, a few articles that will actually help girls. As you know, I always search for the personal stories which convey the reality of girls’ [...]

When we have to airbrush flesh onto models you know we’ve got a problem

WHEN fashion publishers feel they have to use photo-shop to ‘‘fatten up’’ models in a major fashion event before they can publish their images, you know there’s a problem. Usually when fashion and beauty publications employ digital enhancement it’s for the opposite reason: to slim down the model or celebrity and hide ‘‘flaws’’. But this [...]

Kindergarten Boy Suspended for His Mohawk

When 5-year-old Ethan Clos showed up at school with a short, spiky mohawk last week, his fellow kindergarteners thought it was cool. But administrators at Reid Primary and Middle School in Springfield, Ohio, deemed the edgy cut too disruptive, and ordered him home until he adopted a tamer style. via Kindergarten Boy Suspended for His [...]

Is putting your clothes on coming back into fashion?

The power to shock now comes not in getting your kit off, but keeping it on. Our fashion idols aren't edgy Madonna wannabes in bad need of a tailor, but demurely dressed women like Alexa Chung and the Duchess of Cambridge (whom we don't want to see in a bikini). via Rihanna | Katy Perry [...]

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How low will high end fashion stoop to fill its magazine pages?

The sultry gaze of Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau is very confronting. Before you is the look of a seductive young woman, but it is encased in the body of a young child. These high end fashion shots of a child in full make up and draped over a sofa in a very sexually provocative pose make [...]