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American Apparel: is this their sleaziest move yet?

American Apparel has painted itself into a corner in terms of brand image. A cornerstone of its marketing strategy was the voyeuristic, sex-drenched tone employed in many of their photo shoots, but now that appears to be failing as the public perception of the company has moved from edgy to sleazy. Their shoots have received [...]

5 tricks stores use to make you spend more money

The man whose job it is to advise companies on how best to sell you things recently wrote an article for Business Insider, ‘How to get someone to buy something’, revealing every trick in the book when it comes to consumer manipulation. The best sales people have mastered the following five things. - Kathleen Lee Joe [...]

A red carpet special: commodification of women

This time last week, dozens of accomplished women woke with an overwhelming sense of dread. Not good when you also have a killer hangover. Having stepped out on the Logies red carpet the night before, dressed and tressed to the max, these capable women knew that in the media the following day, they would be [...]

The story behind Israel’s Photoshop Law

The legislation focuses on two elements of the fashion industry that have long drawn criticism for their effects on women and, especially, girls: ultra thin models and the use of Photoshop to make women appear impossibly thin in advertisements. The measure has been controversial within Israel for raising the question of where free speech bumps [...]

Bulletproof backpacks for American children

Dubbed “the Armani of bulletproof clothing,” the Bogota-based company that bears his name sells trench coats, sweaters, leather jackets and blazers, along with more standard fare, bulletproof vests. But now Caballero, ever on the lookout for new customers, is zeroing in on an untapped market: American schoolchildren. With his new line, MC Kids, Caballero offers [...]