Playboy ‘To Drop’ Naked Women Images

Gettyimages Playboy magazine is to stop publishing images of naked women as part of its redesign, it has emerged. Its US owners say the internet has made nudity outdated, and pornographic magazines are no longer so commercially viable, the New York Times reports. Playboy's circulation has dropped from 5.6 million in the 1970s [...]

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David Jones Flooded with Abuse after Adam Goodes Announced as Ambassador David Jones' Facebook page has been flooded with abusive and racist posts after former Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes was unveiled as the retailer's latest brand ambassador. The messages, which include remarks about indigenous Australians and dozens of boos, began appearing on Sunday soon after the retailer posted a campaign video featuring the former Australian of the Year. [...]

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Kids as Consumers: Do They Have Rights?

Photo: Verster Cohen Children’s consumption and marketing to children are big business. Children are the target of marketing for everything from toys and sweets to cosmetics, fast foods and the family car. Children have their own money to spend, and they influence family spending. For example, in June 2013, AdWeek reported that ‘fully [...]

Can You Really Buy “Wonderful?”

One of Australia’s biggest stores has re-launched its brand for the first time in a decade. In its new TV advert, Myer has moved away from its “My Store” brand to a new stance that claims it’s time to “find wonderful.” The advert sets up for the punchline by questioning where wonderful went. Remember when [...]

American Apparel: is this their sleaziest move yet?

American Apparel has painted itself into a corner in terms of brand image. A cornerstone of its marketing strategy was the voyeuristic, sex-drenched tone employed in many of their photo shoots, but now that appears to be failing as the public perception of the company has moved from edgy to sleazy. Their shoots have received [...]