Exposing Kids to Booze: 26,000 Ads a Year

Would you support a change that would instantly halve children’s exposure to televised alcohol ads? New research has found that by simply changing a couple of regulations so that alcohol advertising was not allowed during sport broadcasts, and not before 9.30pm, it would halve young people’s exposure. Did you know that many children as young [...]

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Warning labels about cancer on alcohol: do we need them?

How would you feel if your bottle of merlot or cider came with a health warning about the increased risk of cancer from drinking alcohol? Doesn't sound like an idea to be warmly embraced by those who like a drink but the findings of a recent West Australian survey of more than 2000 drinkers suggests [...]

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How a Kit Kat is classified as ‘healthy’

Food companies are advertising products such as Kit Kats and Coco Pops to children because they are classified as healthy by their own nutritional standards. A NSW Cancer Council analysis found that 63 per cent of food that appeared in television advertisements was considered unhealthy under Food Standards Australia New Zealand nutrient profiling. The analysis [...]

Anger over Australian campervan firm’s misogynistic slogans

Paula Orbea started the online petition on Friday after her 11-year-old daughter saw the message on a van in the scenic Blue Mountains west of Sydney during the school holidays. It has so far been signed by nearly 25,000 people. "I agree with free speech, but where is the line? At what point do we [...]

Harvesting Happiness Instead Of Chasing It

Every day, it seems, we are bombarded with advertisements, memes and well-meaning emails telling us how to “be happy.” Despite this, a new study led by Stanford University reveals that chasing happiness may actually make us less happy. The new research, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, does, however, point to effective ways [...]

New Silk Road online drug bazaar opens

A new anonymous internet marketplace for illegal drugs has debuted with the same name and appearance as the Silk Road website shut down by US law enforcement a month ago. Like its predecessor, the new Silk Road listed hundreds of advertisements for marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and other illegal drugs available for purchase from independent sellers [...]

The story behind Israel’s Photoshop Law

The legislation focuses on two elements of the fashion industry that have long drawn criticism for their effects on women and, especially, girls: ultra thin models and the use of Photoshop to make women appear impossibly thin in advertisements. The measure has been controversial within Israel for raising the question of where free speech bumps [...]

Cleo magazine- sex doesn’t sell anymore

More than 40 years after shaking up women's magazines with its racy mix of centrefolds and sealed sections, Cleo magazine is starting another revolution by dropping sex from the cover. New editor Sharri Markson believes it is the first time since the magazine was launched in 1972 that sex has not been used as a selling [...]

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Grog groups accused of targeting minors on social media

Alcohol brands have flocked to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, posting competitions, cocktail recipes and even TV advertisements. The ads are bright, fun and at the fingertips of children. Australian Medical Association president Steve Hambleton says it is out of control. "Social media is a huge opportunity with a lot more power and [...]

Government refuses to protect children from sexualised music videos

The Australian government has ignored a senate proposal for stricter advertising and classification laws for sexualised music videos and ads aimed at children. The proposal came from a senate committee investigating the sexualisation of children in the media, who concluded that "the inappropriate sexualisation of children in Australia is of increasing concern." On Friday the [...]