New Study Shows Emotional Cost For Parents Who Put On A Happy Face For Their Children

iStock Photo How do parents feel when they regulate their emotional expressions in ways that do not match their genuine feelings? Recent research suggests that parents' attempts to suppress negative and amplify positive emotions during child care can detract from their well-being and high-quality parent-child bonds. The findings were published in the March [...]

How Managers Should Judge Psychology Experiments, Blechman for HBR These examples illustrate a dark truth that managers need to be aware of. The field of experimental psychology is in a state of crisis. Within just the past few years, a number of prominent and prolific psychology researchers have admitted to falsifying data, leading to dozens of paper retractions [...]

Raising Non-Materialistic Children in a Material World

The last few weeks have seen me embark on a clutter clearing frenzy.  As I work to eliminate the clutter from my home, filling our rubbish bins and donation boxes to their brim, I can’t help but consider the meaning our society attaches to material objects and how this impacts happiness.  So, following another weekend of [...]

Why Everyone Should Read Harry Potter

A growing body of evidence suggests that the pro-Potter camp might be on to something, and that reading Rowling’s work, at least as a youth, might be a good thing. For decades it's been known that an effective means of improving negative attitudes and prejudices between differing groups of people is through intergroup contact – [...]

Alcohol Culture Change: The First Signs?

Over the last fortnight it’s been interesting to read the reporting about the release of a couple of key pieces of alcohol data in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics released its Apparent Consumption of Alcohol, Australia, 2012-13 report, which shows Australians are drinking less alcohol overall than any time in the previous 15 years. [...]

Harvesting Happiness Instead Of Chasing It

Every day, it seems, we are bombarded with advertisements, memes and well-meaning emails telling us how to “be happy.” Despite this, a new study led by Stanford University reveals that chasing happiness may actually make us less happy. The new research, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, does, however, point to effective ways [...]