Researchers: Sugary Drinks Tied To High Death Toll Worldwide

Photo: Anthony Delvin Is sugar responsible for numerous deaths around the world? Researchers at Tufts University say the answer is yes. According to their research, an estimated 184,000 deaths could be caused by the consumption of sugary beverages each year. In the worldwide study, sugar-sweetened drinks led to 133,000 deaths from diabetes, 45,000 from cardiovascular [...]

Calls For Ban On Eyeball Tattooing As Procedure Regulated In NSW

PHOTO: A man shows off his body art, including eyeball tattoos, at a tattoo festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2014. (Flickr: Augusto dos Santos) The Baird Government has been criticised for recently regulating the practice of eyeball tattooing, as the New South Wales Opposition calls for a ban on the procedure. The [...]

Cancer Riddle, Solved: Researchers Reveal How Cancer Cells Form Tumors

University of Iowa researchers have documented how cancerous tumors form by tracking in real time the movement of individual cells in 3-D. They report that just 5 percent of cancer cells are needed to form tumors, a ratio that heretofore had been unknown. Credit: Soll Laboratory. The team discovered that cancerous cells actively [...]

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Can Smoking Cause Psychosis? Study Suggests Links

PARIS - People who suffer from psychosis are about three times more likely to be smokers, but scientists have long scratched their heads over which one leads to the other. On Friday, research published in The Lancet Psychiatry suggested daily tobacco use, already known to cause cancer and stroke, may be also be a contributor [...]

Horizontal Transfer of Mitochondria in Sickness and in Health

Mitochondria. Credit: Wikipedia commons Two of the most enticing ideas in cells biology have recently converged to create a paradigm shift of epic proportions. The first is that not only is it possible for mitochondria to emigrate from their host cell, they are in fact exchanged among cells much more regularly than has [...]

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Cancer: Diet ‘Cures’ Are Killing Young People, Say Top Oncologist YOUNG cancer patients are dying because they are refusing science-based medical treatment, instead choosing to “cure” their disease through diet, says one of Australia’s top oncologists. And the rise of “wellness bloggers” like Belle Gibson and Jess Ainscough on social media means an increasing number of patients are using “exclusion diets” as an alternative treatment. In [...]

Potentially Hazardous Effects of Mechanical and Chemical Characteristics of E-cigarettes

Unlike standard cigarettes, the components of electronic cigarettes are not regulated and standardized, thus they vary widely between products. The characteristics of these e-cigarette elements, including their delivery systems, combustion apparatuses, and the composition of the nicotine solutions they contain may affect the levels of potentially hazardous substances in the vapor they produce. - American Thoracic [...]

Warning labels about cancer on alcohol: do we need them?

How would you feel if your bottle of merlot or cider came with a health warning about the increased risk of cancer from drinking alcohol? Doesn't sound like an idea to be warmly embraced by those who like a drink but the findings of a recent West Australian survey of more than 2000 drinkers suggests [...]

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Time To Warn Drinkers About The Risk Of Cancer

Australians have become accustomed to labels on cigarettes warning about the risk of smoking causing cancer and other diseases. And our research, published in the latest edition of BMC Public Health, shows similar labels could help consumers better understand the harms of drinking alcohol. Alcohol is estimated to cost the Australian economy A$36 billion a year in preventable [...]

Does alcohol cause cancer?

The link between alcohol and cancer itself is not news. Way back in 1988, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that alcohol consumption was a group one carcinogen – a direct cause of cancer in humans. What has evolved over the past 26 years is evidence showing alcohol caused more cancers [...]