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Grip Strength May Predict Heart Attacks And Strokes

Getty Images Grip strength may be a good predictor of the risk for cardiovascular disease. Researchers studied 139,691 people, ages 35 to 70, in 17 high-, middle- and low-income countries. They gathered data on height, weight, blood pressure, physical activity, dietary intake and other health and behavioral factors. Adjusted for age and height, [...]

Can Smoking Cause Psychosis? Study Suggests Links

Research published in The Lancet Psychiatry suggested daily tobacco use may be a contributor to mental illness. (©milan2099/Shutterstock.com) PARIS - People who suffer from psychosis are about three times more likely to be smokers, but scientists have long scratched their heads over which one leads to the other. On Friday, research published in [...]

A Sense of Purpose May Help Your Heart

Living your life with a strong sense of purpose may lower your risk for early death, heart attack or stroke, new research suggests. The finding is based on a broad review of past research involving more than 137,000 people in all. "Psychosocial conditions such as depression, anxiety, chronic stress and social isolation have strong associations [...]

Can you really die of a broken heart?

Losing a loved one can be heartbreaking. But a new study shows that this can be more than just symbolic, as the chances of experiencing a stroke or heart attack after a partner's death doubles within the first 30 days. The researchers, from St. George's University of London in the UK, have published the results [...]

Men who love chocolate have lower stroke risk

Fancy a chocolate bar? Regularly indulging in the snack may actually help men decrease their risk of having a stroke, according to a Swedish study. Researchers writing in the journal Neurology found that of more than 37,000 men followed for a decade, those who ate the most chocolate - typically the equivalent of one-third of [...]

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