Grief Cannot, and Should Not, Be Rushed

Von was about my fourth patient in as many months who was struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. She was in her late 60s and her husband, who had been considerably older than her, had been ill for many months with severe heart failure, so his death hadn’t been [...]

Helping Grieving Children Through Losing A Pet

The loss of a pet is often a child’s first experience with death. Understanding the unique ways that children view pets and respond to their passing can help parents to ease the grieving process. Joshua Russell, an assistant professor of environmental science at Canisius College in Buffalo, who has studied the effects of pet loss [...]

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Supporting Children Through Loss And Grief

In western culture death, and diseases such as dementia and cancer, seem to be hidden away, not generally discussed – because ‘it won’t happen to us’. Inevitably, though, the unthinkable will occur. How can we help our children cope with loss and grief, when a loved one starts to fail in mind or body, or [...]

How Young People Cope With Grief Differently To Adults

Flickr Images Thirteen years ago, one sunny day, police knocked on Antoine's door and told him he had lost his brother in a car accident. The driver of an oncoming truck had suffered a heart attack and crossed the median strip. There were no other vehicles on the road. It was a freak [...]

5 Messages We Need To Give Young People About Ecstasy Ecstasy continues to be a popular drug in Australia. Although recent use (use in the past year) has decreased since 2007, those reporting ever having tried the drug has continued to rise to almost 11% of the Australian population aged 14 years and over. The number of school-based young people who reported recent use of the drug had remained fairly steady for [...]

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Freda Briggs: ‘Champion Of Children’ And Former Senior Australian Of The Year Dies

PHOTO: Professor Briggs's child protection expertise was shared across the world. (Supplied) The highly regarded expert on child abuse issues and multi award-winning professor Freda Briggs has died in hospital at the age of 85. Child protection group Bravehearts praised her lifelong efforts to safeguard children. Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston said Professor Briggs [...]

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My Dad Killed Himself When I Was 13. He Hid His Depression, I Won’t Hide Mine

Amy Marlow and her dad, Doug McDowell. Photo: Washington Post When you walk into the laundry room and find your father hanging, you know that life is never going to be the same. That is a sight you can't unsee and a pain you can't unfeel. I was 13 years old and still [...]

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What Really Causes Violent Brawls

DOES alcohol cause violence or do violent people cause violence? It’s a surprisingly complex question which has led to a furious war of words between rival health experts. And the answer could have severe ramifications for how, where and at what time Australians are permitted to have a drink. Last week, 18-year-old Cole Miller died [...]

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Selfie Deaths Outnumber Deaths From Shark Attacks Since 2013

Extreme selfie poseur, Kirill Oreshkin (still alive). The Russian government has launched a campaign against such dangerous photographs, which has led to the deaths of others. Photo: Facebook Which of these is more likely to kill you: a shark or a photograph? At least 11 people have died this year while trying to [...]

The Lancet Criticises PHE E-cig Report for Weak Evidence 

A highly publicised study by Public Health England (PHE) that claimed that e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco has been attacked by medical journal The Lancet for relying on weak evidence. - Daniel Culpan Source: The Lancet criticises PHE e-cig report for weak evidence (Wired UK) Image from Unsplash

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