PHOTO: Professor Briggs’s child protection expertise was shared across the world. (Supplied)

The highly regarded expert on child abuse issues and multi award-winning professor Freda Briggs has died in hospital at the age of 85.

Child protection group Bravehearts praised her lifelong efforts to safeguard children.

Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston said Professor Briggs made a critical difference in the lives of many vulnerable children.

“She’s lived her life to protect children, that was what it was all about for Freda and she lived it all for really the benefit of the community and particularly children,” she said.

The academic started her long career as a child protection officer attached to the police force in London before she moved into social work and teaching.


– The ABC

Emeritus Professor Freda Briggs spoke at the 2015 Generation Next events across Australia, providing insightful and empowering education to our audience of teachers, counsellors, social workers and countless other professionals and parents who work with children and young people. Her strategies to help prevent and better respond to child sex abuse have resulted in increased awareness and action to safeguard the wellbeing of children in schools and services across the country. We are extremely grateful for Professor Briggs’ participation in our event and it is with great sadness that we note her passing.

Professor Briggs’ wish was to inform as many people as possible on simple ways we can safeguard and protect children. We have compiled some of her key messages and strategies in a few videos, which you can access here. Please keep Professor Briggs’ legacy alive by helping to spread this timely and important information to prevent and address child sexual abuse. You can access the videos here.

Source: Freda Briggs: ‘Champion Of Children’ And Former Senior Australian Of The Year Dies