Is Anxiety Psychological or Physical?

Anxiety can be defined as ‘a state consisting of psychological and physical symptoms brought about by a sense of apprehension at a perceived threat’. Fear is similar to anxiety, except that with fear the threat is, or is perceived to be, more concrete, present, or imminent. Presentation The psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety vary [...]

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Higher IQ in Childhood Linked To A Longer Life

Higher intelligence (IQ) in childhood is associated with a lower lifetime risk of major causes of death, including heart disease, stroke, smoking related cancers, respiratory disease and dementia, finds a new study. It is the largest study to date reporting causes of death in men and women across the life course, and the findings suggest [...]

Affection, Not Money, Key to Child Health

Pixabay Images Growing up in a well-off home can benefit a child’s physical health even decades later, but a lack of parent-child warmth, or the presence of abuse, may eliminate the health advantage of a privileged background. Assistant professor of sociology at Baylor University, Matthew A. Andersson, Ph.D., explains: Previous research has associated [...]

Short Sleepers Are Four Times More Likely To Catch A Cold: Researchers Connect Sleep Loss To Higher Rates Of Illness

Credit: Vera Kratochvil/public domain In 2009, Carnegie Mellon University's Sheldon Cohen found for the first time that insufficient sleep is associated with a greater likelihood of catching a cold. To do this, Cohen, who has spent years exploring psychological factors contributing to illness, assessed participants self-reported sleep duration and efficiency levels and then exposed them [...]

‘BPA-free’ Plastic Accelerates Embryonic Development, Disrupts Reproductive System

On the far right, a zebrafish embryo breaks free from a group of unhatched sibling eggs. Credit: Zebrafish Lab Companies advertise "BPA-free" as a safer version of plastic products ranging from water bottles to sippy cups to toys. Many manufacturers stopped used Bisphenol A to strengthen plastic after animal studies linked it to [...]

8 Healthy Tips for Managing Stress

istockphoto A latest survey conducted by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) has highlighted that the number of Australians reporting distress, anxiety and depression is the highest it has been in the last 5 years, and concurringly, a significant proportion of them were engaging in risky behaviours to manage this heightened distress. The annual [...]

Debunking the Ice Epidemic

The ice epidemic! New stories, new perspectives every day in the news. But what is really happening? Are we facing an ice epidemic? I want to begin by highlighting the truths and myths of ice use in Australia. Let’s start with the latest research. According to the 2013 National Drug Strategy Household Survey, 2.1% of [...]

The Lancet Criticises PHE E-cig Report for Weak Evidence 

A highly publicised study by Public Health England (PHE) that claimed that e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco has been attacked by medical journal The Lancet for relying on weak evidence. - Daniel Culpan Source: The Lancet criticises PHE e-cig report for weak evidence (Wired UK) Image from Unsplash

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Researchers Connect Sleep Loss to Higher Rates of Illness, Credit: Vera Kratochvil/public domain Scientists have long associated sufficient sleep with good health. Now they've confirmed it. - Carnegie Mellon University Source: Short sleepers are four times more likely to catch a cold: Researchers connect sleep loss to higher rates of illness

Our Teenage Friendships Can Make or Break Our Health, Study Says Friendships have the strength to make or break your school years. Not only that, our friends can make our health, a new study has found. - Sarah Berry Source: Our teenage friendships can make or break our health, study says